An Australian term, for swearing on God.

G-O-D “geode
That food was fire bro, Geode
by Mandemhundo November 5, 2019
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A handsome, talented, super intelligent boy. He shines like a beautiful gem. Geode is a true artist that can create anything from this mind. He can sometimes be mean when he is mad, but is happy most of the time and will be nice.
That geode is definitely a boy I would want to be friends with.
by jaders0417 June 2, 2019
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"Good night last night? Did you end up hooking up with her?"

"Yeah, but I'm paying for it today cuz I couldn't find any lube. Her pussy was like a geode... my dick is so raw I can't even walk."
by dj-ro August 9, 2008
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Crack or other rock/crystal-esque substances to get you tweaking.
to guy 1: im feening bad man, need geode...

to guy 2: wanna buy this iphone? i dont have the charger...
by bargingo February 9, 2021
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Any crystalized hard drug, typically methamphetamine.
Derived from the inside of a geode.
I got this new iPhone 5c. $400. No box, no charger, don't know the code.

First of all, you MUST be smokin' that geode to think a fucking 10 year old iPhone is worth $400. You stole that shit for crack money!
by bargingo November 29, 2022
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Weed that looks fairly average in appearance but, when broken up, reveals heavy crystals and other signs of dankness.
"This weed looks pretty mediocre man."
"I know bro, but its a real geode."

"Dude I got this sack and thought it was mids, but it ended up being mad dank. Shit's geode."
by Aknibeezy August 1, 2008
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