Used to acknowledge and approve of something. As opposed to 'cool' which may or may not clearly suggest approval.
Example 1 (using cool)
Person 1: I am going to become a giraffe.
Person 2. Cool.
This might come off as ironic or insincere.

Example 2 (same but using very cool)
Person 1: I am going to become a giraffe.
Person 2. Very cool.
This comes off as heartfelt and sincere.
by 1Head August 8, 2019
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An annoying variation of saying cool.

1. Often used by uncool people who do not understand how to use the word 'cool'. Often used by teachers over the age of fifty.

2. The word can also be used by very cool people in a mockery of those who use it. Can be used in situations where the subject being listed as "very cool" is actually incredibly uncool. This makes the subject feel cool, yet everyone knows that the subject is being made fun of.

(use #2)

"and that class... is how you solve an unbalanced chemical equation"
"very cool" (said in an excessively disrespectful way)
-class laughs
by chazzy45 April 24, 2008
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A Very Cool Man or O' Holy Glorious Master is a person who is so awsome and cool he has this name, plus, he a an awsome pleasant called theo and is in TheRandomersism Religon
Whoa is that A Very Cool Man?
by A Very Cool Man June 20, 2020
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1. An expression used when you think something is very cool
2. Drugs
3. A shitty website
1 "Bro thats some very cool stuff on your computer!"
2 "ay you got that very cool stuff nigga?
3. Dude 1: " is a shitty website" Dude 2: "agreed"
by popbobsexbiome22 March 30, 2020
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The highest compliment someone who associated with your parents can give about you.
Johnny told Biff his nephew was a VERY cool dude.
by The Gosh Dang Bruin February 10, 2020
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A term used sarcastically when something bad are inconvenient happens.
Maebry, “I dropped carrels on my lapLiam, “very cool Kanye
by Slim lim July 16, 2019
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