Refers to the prefix in Geography. Meaning cool, awesome, or great.
by V. Picone November 18, 2006
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A person who is obsessed with bikes and/or BMXs. They are the type of person who 'personify' their own bikes, referring to them as actual human beings. A "Geo" person is likely to be more infactuated with their dedicated hobby that you may find you are talking to a brick wall. You must approach a "Geo" person by addressing all your conversations with a BMX related topic.
long pause
"Oh, hi sorry I was just oiling my chain."
another long pause
"I'm going bmxing. See ya"
"You're being SUCH a geo!"
by VerrucaSalt March 21, 2009
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a person thought of by close friends as an 'outcast'. a geo is often seen by himself circling trash cans and brushing his teeth with a skunk
person 1 "i feel sorry for geo"
person 2 "shutup he is a wankster"
by Parteebuoy March 28, 2004
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1. When you get between 35-40% on your physics Diploma /Final.
2. When you have the worst/lowest outcome out of your friends and there is noticeable gap of success between you and your friends.
3.The act of celebrating the completion of an exam or midterm with large consumptions of alcohol and clubbing.
1.Person A: Guys! I got 38% on my physics 30 final.
Person B:(laughing) Dude. You pulled a Geo.

2.Person A: Man, I only got C+ in Chemistry. How about you guys?
Person B:(smiling) B! How about you?
Person C:Ummmm. I got a F.....
Person A&B:(laughing) Geoooo'd!

3.Person A: (holding 2 beers) We graduated boys! Let's go to Oil City and celebrate!!

Everybody: Lets get Geo'd!!!
by Bruniyogurt May 24, 2011
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smelly, ugly mo-fo with hair like its been washed in chip fat.
by Bob March 27, 2004
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A greasy longhaired spotty fool who when you know your in the terse you blame no matter how blatant it was your fault.
p1 "oy Chris did you make that bombfire of splints "

p2 "no it was geo"
by Blockhead March 29, 2004
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He is a retarded little midget who thinks he is the shiznit just because gets in trouble a lot. He is about the height of an acorn and just as stupid and he likes the cock.
by Edwin Guerrero March 18, 2003
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