A gang is when different people come together is a group. They aren't going to play around with you, so stay away. They like to have "fun" by doing things like burning houses, stealing, fighting, and just about anything else that the police wouldn't exactly... Like.
Guy: Stay away from that gang, they'll fuck you up.
by Taylor_Cheers April 08, 2017
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organized crime. ppl join a gang thru an anniciation. some stupid assez say u got kill sombody to get in a gang but that aint tru man.

sell drugs, violence, sex. gangs jump or kil membrs of othr gangs.

crips an bloodz b som of th longst lastin fueds btwn gangs. both originatd in Los angles. they som of the most violent gangs ppl say. i dont no tho much bout that them tho. look em up bitch
bitch them crips gon fuck up! u shoulda joind they gang nstead
by Chantelle james June 10, 2007
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2 groups of people on the internet that are based around stupid things who call each other cringe
Person 1: Floor gang cringe celling is awesome

Person 2: Nah dude celling gang for life, floor gang is cringe
by AnExpiredCreamPuff February 25, 2021
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someone you identify with and are friendly with, would throw hands for em even if you didn’t know them too well.
guy 1: you know him?
guy 2: yeah, he’s gang.
by totally.tomobos November 23, 2019
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Gang can be used in a couple of different ways, the main use of gang is used within friends, gang has been used for a long period of time, used in Movies such is as Greece and west side story etc.. gangs are often given odd names depending on the age group and how they are perceived.
“Hey , Mick! Did you want to join the loner gang ?.

“The boodadette gang will be at the bar tonight, wanna come along?”

by Boomdadette March 19, 2018
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gang means a lot of things, or a collective of things

and it also means together
1. i got gang business to handle

2. you also didn’t do the work, we’re gang
by grandma meg December 03, 2019
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