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Stands for Ku Klux Klan.KKK are a bunch of racist dick suckers,that absolutly HATE people of color.They hate Blacks,Spanish,Peurto Ricans,Indians and even Italians.If they see a colored person,they'll immediatly try to kill them,and are most hated by the police/colored citizens.These retards think there Christians and burn a cross to show there religous.The leader of the Ku Klux Klan is called "The Grand Wizard" and needs to be shot dead,right now.KKK can be easilt spotted because they wear a floppy white robe with a white mask,thats shaped like a cone.I and many other people call them white trash cone heads.

If you are colored and see a KKK guy,fuck him up and show no mercy,like he showed no mercy to our brothers.
Person 1: Yo nigga,ain't that a KKK member right there?

Person 2: Holy shit,ima fuck that cone head up till he begs for mercy.
by Da Hoodsta Balla August 15, 2005
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A long T-Shirt that goes down to someone's knees, and commonly worn by people into HipHop culture.
Im be rockin' my tall tee at tha club tonight.
by Da Hoodsta Balla August 24, 2005
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A buch of people who form a group,usually being teens and pre-teens.They for a group,or a "gang" to get love from each other,because there parents where either in jail or mistreated them.In the 90's,gangs started becoming involved in crime,weapons,drugs,pimps and money ; and are seriously disliked by the Police(or what gangs call them,Po-lice or PoPo).Each gang has there own name,hand shake/hand symbol and color.


The Bloods-Color Red,Red and Black.

Crips-Color Blue,Blue and Dark Blue.

Latin Kings-Color Gold,Yellow.

Gangsta Disiples-Color Gold,Silver.

Vice Lords-No Color Available.Mixed Colored Jerseys

La Raza-Gold,Yellow,Green.

Gangs are for lousy low lives.
by Da Hoodsta Balla August 24, 2005
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Jenny from da block.She lived in South Bronx wit that fat peice of shit,COOK KRACK AKA Fat Joe.
im still im still jenny from the block-J-Lo
by Da Hoodsta Balla July 30, 2005
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Usually white or black colored garments that go on your feet.
Those are ugly designed socks.
by Da Hoodsta Balla July 30, 2005
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