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Term used in the military for anyone that fires or mans any type of gun. This can be used for a tank gunner, artillery man, door gunner, deck gunner, etc.
Tell the cannon cockers to get there asses over to divvy hq.
by Atomic Johnny March 30, 2005
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A Navy game involving a long flat table and, generally, a lot of beer. Participants run toward the table and dive onto it face-first. The goal is to arrive safely and not slide off the end. Refinements such as the need to engage "arresting gear" with one’s toes, "crash and smash" teams using pitchers of beer to extinguish post-crash fires, etc., are common.
by Atomic Johnny March 30, 2005
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Military term for the delicacy known to civilians as "chicken a la' king"
Cookie makes a damn good dynamited chicken.
by Atomic Johnny March 29, 2005
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Naval term used to signify a "botswain's mate" on a ship who is in charge of anchors, moorings, lines, rope etc.
Chief! Order deck apes to pull anchor!
by Atomic Johnny March 30, 2005
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Naval Term. - (1) The nozzle of an inline proportioner in a firefighting hose line for AFFF. (2) The inflated tube that holds up the center of the roof of a lifeboat. (3) The protruding sensor boom of the MAD gear aboard the P-2 Neptune and P-3 Orion. Note: this term is also used for literally dozens of other objects in the naval service.
Hand me that donkey dick over there!
by Atomic Johnny March 30, 2005
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military acronym for "Joe Shit the Ragman". He's the mythical sailor who screws everyting up and can never get anything right. A complete idiot. Also, the total opposite of "AJ Squared Away".
I ain't cleaning the bilge. Tell the chief to get get JSR to do it!
by Atomic Johnny March 30, 2005
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