Gym, Tan, Smush

referring to how to stay fresh to death.
everyday these three things are a must....laundry is necessary but not daily.
from the show Jersey Shore
I just stay fresh with my daily GTS routine.

Gotta GTS every day son.

Snooki i got in the g and the t, do you want to help me complete the trio?
by ar the ripper August 19, 2010
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GTs is an abbreviation for the phrase 'good times'
I pulled a well hot girl/guy last night, GTs for me.
by vky123123 December 07, 2010
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Abreviation of 'good times.' Singallying a fun event or passage of time. Used specifically to refer to a memory or referance something that was a 'good time.'
Man, remember when we robbed that bank, went to vegas, doubled up and bought all that blow? that was gt's.
by Alessa April 29, 2005
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Abbreviated form of "giantess." A catch-all term for anything related to the giantess fetish, which is defined as a love for impossibly tall women. Do you think I'm talking about women who are eight feet tall? Nine feet tall? Try 200 feet tall.
The 1993 HBO remake of "Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman" featured one of the hottest giantesses ever captured on film.
by kyakusenbi November 08, 2003
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Abbreviated as the Pokémon Global Trading System, an interconnective way to trade certain Pokémon in exchange for others. Due to the shutdown of Nintendo Wifi Connection, Pokémon can no longer be traded through the GTS in Generation V games or lower.
Steve: Look, Bob, I'm gonna try getting a Level 100 Mewtwo!
Bob: No way you can possibly trade your Level 1 Magikarp for that Steve.
2 days later...
Steve: Hey, the GTS worked, I got my Level 100 Mewtwo for the Level 1 Magikarp
Bob: *facepalm*
by PokemonGod October 06, 2018
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