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Stacey: OmG, like, The Hitcher, The Wicker Man, and Dark Water were a few of my favorite horror-thrillers of recent years!

Dave: You do realize those are all remakes of existing films, right? The originals are highly superior. The Hitcher '86, for example, is a beloved cult classic and a staple of any self-respecting genre fan's collection. Dark Water, is just another example of a somwhat dumbed-down Americanized take on an Asian horror flick (Japan in this case).

Stacey: I swear--like, I had no idea!

Dave: That's because your brain is comprised primarily of Tampax fibers and oxygenated lip gloss residue, and your soul is trapped in daddy's credit cards.

Stacey: Oxygenemated? Hehe big words make my head twirl! Anyways I like you! You're a naughty, sexy asshole you would belittle me at every possible opportunity--just what I craaave! Let's go get a smoothie!

Dave: You could use a remake--after all, there's lot of room to improve on the original.

Stacey: Cosmo! Brangelina!
by Robb-a-dob January 07, 2008
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1) A movie that tries to make a classic film relevant by modernizing it.

2) A movie redone by the same director with changes.

3)A movie based on a book, play, or musical that imitates & does not diverge much from a previous movie based on the source material.
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory does not qualify as a remake of Willy Wonka, as they are both based on the book & are very different.

There are over 12 Alice in Wonderland movies, some based on the play, some based on the book. None of them are remakes of eachother.

Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings movies do not qualify as remakes of the Rankin & Bass & Ralph Bakshi movies.

Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella has been remade 3 times.
by ThatEvilRedhead June 28, 2011
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Resident Evil remake on Nintendo GameCube, hence the "RE" being capatilazied, which stands for Resident Evil, and "remake", meaning it's a remade game.
REmake is a lot different than its original predecessor, Resident Evil on PlayStation. It features a redone voice cast, dialogue, Crimson Skulls, better graphics and sound, and new areas. Thus, it is also different from a port.
by Durango February 22, 2006
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