When you try to type :D but hit L instead of :
friend: Dude, I just found $100 on the ground
me: LD
me: :D
by lolhow September 9, 2008
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"Hey Wayne?! You having an LD? "
"No Bill"
"Wayne how bout now?"
by Shitbaron July 8, 2015
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1. Long Dick (Jake from 'Booty Call' www.romp.com)
2. Lock Down
3. Low Down
1. "Yo girl, you want the LD?"
2. "You can't be contacted if you're in lock down."
3. "What's the LD with this party tonight."
by Diego August 18, 2003
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v. Lickin' and Dickin'. Providing oral sex followed by vaginal and/or anal intercourse to a man's sexual conquest.
Kathy was all about getting LD as long as her pussy was licked and dicked till she couldn't walk right.
by Al-BadDaddy November 17, 2017
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Marcus is a ma' fuckin ld.
by Ricky Rivers September 15, 2003
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adj. learning disabled or commonly used to say learing dum dum
yooo that boy is sooo LD

yeah i know right, he was special
by The troll and the grimlin November 4, 2011
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