Gym, tan, Smush (sex). A variation on GTL popularized by the Jersey Shore cast. GTS has been repeatedly used by Ronnie in an attempt to make Sammi jealous.
Come on Snook u can never GTS to much ( u kno that lol).....wooooo...2 weeks, You ready? bc im not.”
by JSGuy March 22, 2010
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Google That Shit
look up, search on google, find an answer to any obscure question that comes up in a conversation
-who won the 1992 SuperBowl?
-F*$% if I know, gotta GTS

-Who sings that song?
-I don't know let me GTS

-is that mexican restaurant still in business?
-Wait, lemme GTS

-what names are Sean Combs and Snoop Dogg going by these days?
-no clue, I have to GTS
by LL Housewife April 25, 2013
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When someone asks you a question you dont know the answer to, you just say "GTS, Google That Shít!"
by Steveo77 December 21, 2019
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Google That Shit - conducting quick research using the internet (usually Google).
Hector: There's a big thing going on in Barstow this weekend.
Charlie: How do you know?
Hector: I GTS'd it.
Charlie: Are there any good strip clubs around there?
Hector: GTS, man!
by J324 April 25, 2006
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Phil: Hey, remember that time we stole a tiger?
Alan: Yeah... GTs. Let's do that again.
by DoctorStu August 28, 2013
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Stand for "good times".
Can also be spelt as gt's or GTS.
by ijwahak February 17, 2006
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