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Abbreviated as the Pokémon Global Trading System, an interconnective way to trade certain Pokémon in exchange for others. Due to the shutdown of Nintendo Wifi Connection, Pokémon can no longer be traded through the GTS in Generation V games or lower.
Steve: Look, Bob, I'm gonna try getting a Level 100 Mewtwo!
Bob: No way you can possibly trade your Level 1 Magikarp for that Steve.
2 days later...
Steve: Hey, the GTS worked, I got my Level 100 Mewtwo for the Level 1 Magikarp
Bob: *facepalm*
by PokemonGod October 06, 2018

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The internet point system on Reddit that ranks your reputation. People who try every way to get karma so badly that it's basically an addiction are called karmawhores.
Currently, the Redditor with the most karma is u/Gallowboob, sitting at about 32,000,000 karma
by PokemonGod October 17, 2019

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