To punch someone really hard
Branching from the hit MTV reality show "Jersey Shore" when one of their stars, Snookie, got knocked in the face by a drunken stranger.
"He's really starting to piss me off, I'm about Snook his ass"

"Dont get in my face or I'll Snook you"
by Morrysn December 31, 2010
One who ditches friends to do something much lamer.
Jake: Guy where's Larry going.

Jonas: He's leaving to watch a movie with Bryson.

Jake: Man what a snook
by snookhater5 July 26, 2008
A person who is a good friend to have but is also a criminal who does anything for money.
A person who does freelance for money but who is also a cool person.
A person who is cool on one note and on another can become a worse enemy.
Don't Trust Snook he would do anything for money!
Snook cool but i know he be on one sometimes.
by chamberlin August 11, 2013
To Fart Virgously, all the time.
Wow kid, don't Snook in my area.
by Milford Mike February 8, 2008
Dual meaning: (depending on inflection)

Good: Bro
Bad: Lame, soft

bro 1: What's up snook....what's good for today?
bro 2: Ohh just the usual...smoking hookah...banging bitches.


bro 1: Hey man lets go out tonight
bro 2: No man I got a big test tomorrow
bro 1: Dude stop being a snook.
by Josue' roque June 21, 2011
To hit a woman while one or both parties are under the influence of alcohol. Perpetrators and victims are known as "Guidos" and "Guidettes". The Origins of the word come from the 2010 series "Jersey Shore" where Snookie gets smashed in the face by a Hulking drunk mouth breathing elementary school gym teacher.
"You better shut the hell up or I am going to Snook you!"

"Debbie got Snooked! She was screaming in that guys face and he just fucking Snooked her!"
by TheHerzog January 8, 2010
A type of snuggling. When you snuggle so much you begin to snook. Z x
"Come over here for a snook"
"OK :)"
by Zim02 May 21, 2010