When you need to know something about anything right away, you have to Google That Shit.
I heard that there are some compromising photos of my high school teacher on the internet.

What?? You need to GTS cuz you're high school teacher is a sexy-ass cougar!
by Bruinjedi May 11, 2009
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acronym: Google that Shit!

Used when someone asks a question that you don't know the answer to.
"What happened on the season finale of Dexter?"
by w00t4Kit March 29, 2012
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Google That Sh*t. Used when online. If you don't know or understand something or if you see something interesting, google that shit
Bob: Hey jim, what happens if snow touches suede?

Jim: I don't know gts

Bob: Oh good idea..
by zmarineman January 09, 2011
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get some

(being derived from Get Some)

a very versatile word, and can be used in many cases

Kevin: Are you gunna gts tonight?
Vince: Yeah, all night.

Jesse just gts with her.

While playing basketball, you drain a 3 on someone. Quickly say gts. (While holding your hand in the air like you just don't care.)
by Vinsanity April 16, 2007
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Abbreviated as the Pokémon Global Trading System, an interconnective way to trade certain Pokémon in exchange for others. Due to the shutdown of Nintendo Wifi Connection, Pokémon can no longer be traded through the GTS in Generation V games or lower.
Steve: Look, Bob, I'm gonna try getting a Level 100 Mewtwo!
Bob: No way you can possibly trade your Level 1 Magikarp for that Steve.
2 days later...
Steve: Hey, the GTS worked, I got my Level 100 Mewtwo for the Level 1 Magikarp
Bob: *facepalm*
by PokemonGod October 06, 2018
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