Acronym for 'google that shit', used when you want someone to find out about something using google.
Yo, what does 'gts' mean?

Dude, gts!
by whattafack November 06, 2015
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acronym for "Google That Shit."

Definition #1: GTS can be used in conversation when someone wants to challenge another person's knowledge regarding a subject matter at hand.

Definition #2: GTS can also be used completely out of context and randomly stated in conversation or as a comment/post on Facebook.
Definition #1:
Girl: "Dang, Amy Winehouse joined the 27 club. Now there's 6, Cobain, Hendrix, Joplin, Morrison, Winehouse...and, uh, who's the other one?"
Boy: "Hmm, I don't know."

Girl: "Lemme GTS that shit!"

Definition #2:
Boy: "Hey guess what, I don't have work this Friday!"
Girl: "Really? GTS!"

Facebook Status: "Thank goodness for coffee!" Facebook Comment to that Status: "GTS that shit!"
by XtothatT July 31, 2011
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Go To Slut. A female friends with benefits of sorts that you can consistently rely on for sex. Not a girl friend but someone you know you can always hook up with when you get the urge.
Boy: I hate having to find new people to hook up with

Other Boy: then why dont you just get a GTS like i did?

Boy: Good plan...is Molly still single?
by Hesper July 20, 2010
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GT's are all round Good Times, generally shared at preambles and other such drinking events. implies enjoyment by all parties involved. Often the result of jesting behaviour
funelling post exams, sharing jesting moments with mates would both be classified as GT's. if two friends were to be involved in a physical alteration it would not be good times.
by GT's06SC November 16, 2006
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Gym. Tan. Study.

Made popular by academic college students, imitating the popular MTV show, Jersey Shore. Since most Ivy League students don't do their own laundry anyways, this is a more viable alternative.
hey bro, rage tonight?

can't. just hit up the mac and the charles, so i'm off to lamont to drop some books. paper due tomorrow. GTS all day son.
by crimsonguido August 22, 2010
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An acronym commonly used in texting or social networking sites that means "got to study".
"Are you ready for the big Biology test tomorrow?"

"No way man, gts!"
by The Black Polar Bear January 19, 2012
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Gts= going to sleep. Its going to be a "Thing". use it when you wanna go to sleep and your too tired to write "going to sleep".

Could also be used as, Go to sleep

Text talk. like lol, ikr, csb ex.
Alex: It's really late man, we shud gts

Alexa: Its almost 12
Alex: ya ik srry but im gts ttyl
by Gtsmaker123 October 14, 2012
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