Jay: Yo Luther and Christian do y’all have HBO?
Luther: Yes
Christian: Yes
by Light Skin Haitian September 12, 2018
1. (Stands for Home Box Office) A pay cable/satellite channel offering movies, original series, and sporting events. It was launched by the Time-Life Publishing Company in 1971.

2. In African-American slang, means help a brother out.
1. I like to watch the Sopranos and Sex In The City on HBO.

2. HBO and get the cash.
by star8706 June 27, 2003
1. Acronym, "Home Box Office." A premium cable station that airs mainly films and adult programming.
2. Acronym, "halo.bungie.org." A popular fan site for the X-Box and PC Video Game, Halo (X-Box version, created by Bungie Studios, published by Microsoft Games; PC version, created by Bungie Studios and Gearbox Software, published by Microsoft Games)
1. Did you see "Erotic Confessions" on HBO last night?

2. I hear the closed down the Forums on HBO because of all the posts linking to Halo 2 leaks.
1. Home Box Office, a quality channel airing shows such as The Sopranos and Sex and the City, as well as Oz.
2. Something my manager at McDonalds used to yell out randomly. Stands for "Hang Bag Out", a technique used in the drive-thru to reduce customer wait times. Normally you'd hang the bag(s) of food out as the person pulls up to the window so they don't have to wait forever for their order.
1. "I think I'll see what's on HBO tonight"
2. "Remeber, James, HBO or else our drive-thru times are gonna be very high."
by Tengu November 1, 2005
It's not TV, it's HBO.
by Magnolia Fan June 29, 2003
A silent reaper. By day, it shows movies that we all love! By night, it's a porn channel!
Someone was trying to see if he can watch an R-rated, bloody movie on HBO when his wife and kids were asleep. A show about a whorehouse started playing.

He started jacking off to it.

He is now divorced.
by TheNightReaper October 24, 2009
*Home Box Office.

*Help a Brotha Out.
"HBO made a kick-ass Spawn cartoon back in '97."

"Aw shit homey, HBO!"
"Yeah man good channel."
"No dumbass, our brotha is getting his ass kicked!"
by Dave January 25, 2005