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If any information is needed to be found or is being disputed amongest peers all one has to say is simply google that shit. Once the simple phrase is given an individual is practically
compelled to do a search on Google.
example 1
Guy one "Is it true a camel has two penises?"
Guy two "How the fuck would i know?? Just google that shit."
example 2
"Seriously, the actor who plays the father in Back to the Future movies is differant in all three films. No, I do not care if you do not believe me! Google that shit then!"
by bigjimd September 09, 2005
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When you don't know the answer to a question so you tell your bro to search google for it
Guy1: how long does a bee live?
Guy2: IDK google that shit
by yenko_man May 16, 2015
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A more colloquilised version of Google It. Commonly used between drunk males in New Zealand
"dude, i gotta find out who that inline vert rider was."
"just google that shit"
by Loki Veridis January 29, 2005
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