A variation of the exclamation of fuck out of anger or frustration, fucki is a term of bewilderment.
When Juan saw the large gato eating the cheese instead of the mouse, he exclaimed 'fucki!'
by Mike, Joe, & Christian October 30, 2007
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What Asian whore do well for good money.
I pay geisha 200 dollar and I get good fucky fucky for price.
by Dim Sum Wang June 20, 2003
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Office slang refering to when employees are fooling around and wasting time surfing the net and emailing instead of working like they are paid to do.
Get to work people...no more email fucky fucky time!
by Crossman2k February 1, 2004
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An adjective for something that isn't functioning properly, or something that is not quite right.
Bloody antenna. My reception is all fucky.

Your Christmas tree is all bent and irregular. It's fucky.
by Chris Leeson August 26, 2004
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When something is acting up or being strange
My computer is being fucky, it keeps freezing and won't work.
by 666YoMama666 January 19, 2009
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when something is soo goddamn fucked that no other word can describe it
by fucko fuckington March 4, 2005
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