A geisha is a traditional Japanese entertainer of men. She is a master of traditional arts including music, serving tea (which is a fine Japanese art), dancing and singing etc. Most geisha live in Tokyo or Kyoto (those in Kyoto call themselves geiko. Although in the past it could be argued that geisha were prostitutes (which would be an egregious oversimplification...today it can be easily and accurately said that geisha are certainly not prostitutes.
Geisha have very powerful connections all over the world, hence they are a power to be reckoned with.
by Stephen M. Smith May 8, 2003
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Despite an obvious western curiousity with geisha they remain hidden in a cloak of secrecy. Geisha are not prostitutes or concubines, if anything they are the equivelant of hostesses. Geisha do not master the erotic arts, these duties are reserved for women called yugos. Compartively, geisha go through intense training learning only the traditional japanese arts. Geisha are very respectable women in japan's society and would never routinely indulge in relationships with different men.
The Geisha's beautiful sunset kimono flowed gently to the ground as she was gracefully playing the shamisen
by Jenna Dur May 2, 2006
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They sell their skills not their body
"Is that a prostitute?"
"Oh no, it's just a geisha"
by 4NN137R4N November 29, 2008
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Women's secret art of confidence and submission.

An idea or state of mind involving confidence style and extreme female swagger. Geisha involves the ability to submit men and lame girls with a single glance while remaining the classiest bitch in the room.
See: badassery
Laura: "Jen are you crying because you just saw your ex making out with another chick?"
Jen: "Yeah, I'm 'bout to pull that bitches weave out!"
Laura: "awwwww hell naaaaaw!, you know thats not how we roll, where's your f-ing geisha??!!"
by PrettyAntiTheory February 7, 2012
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A gloriefied jap slut who fools around with fans.
Memoirs of a Geisha
by Gunkglumb February 24, 2006
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To indecently reveal a part of the body so as to seduce or attract attention from someone of the opposite sex, usually a male
Jeanne had a bit of a geisha moment going on when she reached out her arm across me to hold on to the train handles!
by Bennett Ong May 31, 2007
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(adj.) word to describe an awkward situation.
some says something awkward you say:

by notgeisha July 21, 2006
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