when someone does something stupid or sucks at doing anything, you tell them to get good.
You got 10 kills. GET GOOD NOOB!
by bLiTcH December 23, 2007
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Usually a taunt said by lifeless neckbeards and video game kids to people who can't excel at video games. The point is to spend all your time in the game in order to get so skilled at it that you become far beyond any casual player.
Casual Player: This game is too hard. I'm not relaxing and having fun, just getting frustrated. That beats the point of the game, so forget this.
No-Lifer: I play this game at least a bare minimum of 12 hours a day! The only answer is to GET GOOD, noob!!!
Casual Player: I work, have a relationship, and go to school. I don't have time to play a video game long enough to get good. I'd rather go have sex with my beloved and have fun on the weekend.
No-Lifer: Oh yeah? Then you'll NEVER EVER get Good as me!
Casual Player: Okay. Fuck this game. Fuck you too.
No-Lifer: LOL ROFLMAO AHAHAHAHAHA *bites hot pocket while in mom's basement*
by Vug Fkasgt HunLil' Fite July 9, 2017
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(see get gud and git gud) (1) used by people who want's the player to get good.
(2) used as an mock to people who complain about the difficulty in a game that was meant to be hard.
(3) uses by no life retards when ever they get a kill to MOCK
(4) used by people to mock people who have a unfair advantage (EX hacking) or have an OP item, considering them to have no skill at all.
(1) bruh: jezz i suck at this game
guy: get good
(2) bruh rhis game is sooo hard
work brain: GET GOOD
(4) broi: wow ur hacking GET GOOD SCRUB, wow ur using a OP item GET GOOD NOOB
by someone else thats not u March 12, 2021
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'Get Good' means to simply, get good
"Why did you get an F on your paper" The teacher asked. "Because you didn't get good at teaching"
by NormalPersonForAFew November 13, 2017
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To train, practice and get better with the song "eye of the tiger" song from rocky.

Its also somthing toxic gammers say to make you scared
"Bro get good. Your so braindead man. Skull emoji"
by YourGuideToToxicity July 9, 2022
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