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highly thrown around word when u want to get your point across.
on baby, stop playin wit me!!!
on baby you pettyyy!!!!
by mandy606 January 14, 2009
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A sarcastic name for singer and songwriter Dua Lipa
Oh my god have you heard that new Dula Peep song?
by Expired Ravioli February 03, 2021
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An alternative to "On God"

Used when trying to make a point or when assuring the truth of your statement.
John: Did you hear that xxxtentacion died?
Nick: No he didn't, shut up.
John: On baby he did!
by Cheamito1234 July 22, 2018
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On baby is a phrase which is a way of saying that someone is telling the truth. Similar to another phrase such as "I swear to God." On baby
is the name of a stuffed animal child that a 2 students really cared about. Other common uses are "On my mom," "On my grandma," "On my grandpa," "On gang," etc...
"oN bAbY this homework is hard"

"On BaBy she is thicc"
by THOOBMOOBS October 02, 2019
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When you say something you mean so much that you put it on the lives of babies
β€œYo, on babies though, I’d smash the fuck outta your sister
by Craw4daddy February 11, 2019
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like saying β€œon god” or β€œon my mom” but saying it about your testicles
Person 1: Nah you’re lying
Person 2: Dude on babies I’m not
by fcdub October 09, 2018
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