1. Chinese crimelord created by Sax Rohmer. Once as popular and widely-used as Dracula, and the template for Ming the Merciless, comics villain the Mandarin and countless others. Now considered highly politically incorrect.

2. Style of facial hair. Long, thin, drooping moustache sometimes accompanied by a wanky little goatee. Looks distinguished on older Oriental gentlemen, elsewhere is a crime against decency.
"That's the thing about the fu manchu. On Fu Manchu is looks cool. On you... less so."
by marcata August 13, 2003
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Many men smoke, but Fu Manchu.
by Zach G. October 29, 2003
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The most rockinist ass groovinist band in the world. Songs of cars, sun, women and good times. Also once employed wordKyussword's drummer.
You see this van-a rockin' don't bother knockin'
by Gustave September 22, 2003
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Literally 'ax qing dynasty'. Fu means axe, Manchu is shorthand for the Qing dynasty that ruled China before rabid nationalists took over on 11 Oct 1911. Thus, fu manchu is like saying 'cut off your pigtails' because queues (stupid pigtail things) were the symbol of the Qing's authority in their rule, all China dudes had to wear them as a subordinate thing. So, its very political, its an expression of dissent even. Hate-fuelled Qing hatred.
"Come here you stupid Manchurian i'm gonna ax your queues"
by Lawson August 25, 2005
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Referencing the style of mustache, a Fu Manchu is a very foolish person.
"Why would you do that? You're such a Fu Manchu!"

"That, my freind, is a Fu Manchu maneuver."
by Jerot February 10, 2009
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a kickass piece of hair on your face .. a lot of bikers and kickass ninjas have it!
uncle mike your fumanchu is rockin' like a sploosh bar!
by Killer Napkins December 24, 2003
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