A awesome Chinese surname. The person who named Qing always has brilliant intelligence, perfect personality and great sense of homour. You should feel really lucky when you know someone named Qing, be sure you cherish him or her wholeheartedly.
by yAKIN July 26, 2012
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Someone who is witty, kind, thoughtful and loving.

He/she would go the extra mile for someone
H: Who is your partner?
W: Qing

H: You're lucky to have him. He is amazing.
by Jacqualine28 November 23, 2021
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He's the funniest and most popular person in the school. Has a body count of 0. Is A rock when it comes to swimming. But his chubby smile makes girls "squeal". Hmu this valentine's day at @traviscloke0@gmail.com. Every order comes with a free side of methods and spesh tutoring. Only condition, u gotta take the alamein line and some netflix n chill. hmu for sum Off-White Merch.
Do you know that guy Qing? He's so hot isn't he? How do i find him?

by Travis Qing Cloke February 14, 2020
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hes my online friend and i love him so much, he's so pretty and funny and caring :(((
the group chat when qing isn't in it:
qing: *says hi*
the group chat now that he joined: AHWEJFHKGHTFJUGF WE LOVE YOU
by shai ! August 11, 2019
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a mental retardation patient,a medical condition which the patient laughs at everything

she's mad...she has qing-ness
by jem. May 5, 2008
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Qing Dynasty is the last feudal and autocratic dynasty of China history, its overthrow by the Republic of China. Some people use the term "Qing Dynasty" or "Qing Emperor" to refer to the People's Republic of China or Xi Jinping, sarcastically referring to the lack of democracy under the Chinese Communist Party, as in the Qing Dynasty. Its main use is Chinese.
Fun fact : most of the people using these terms are Chinese
Day 1
A: Did that Qing Emperor failed to clear the Wuhan Virus in China?
B: Nah, Qing Emperor failed, but he success to Chinese President re-elected for three terms.
Chinese army: What did you say? What Qing Emperor mean? HUH?
Day 2
A and B were in Xinjiang and were forced to pick cotton by the CCP.
by Loyal Chinese citizen November 12, 2022
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Pretty, a little chubby, always insecure and love hugs. Always bully people who she truly loves and will always cry of small things
Li Qing is such a beautiful name
by The goddess of earth November 24, 2020
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