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A awesome Chinese surname. The person who named Qing always has brilliant intelligence, perfect personality and great sense of homour. You should feel really lucky when you know someone named Qing, be sure you cherish him or her wholeheartedly.
Oh yeah, Qing is my best friend, I love him very much!
by yAKIN July 25, 2012
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a mental retardation patient,a medical condition which the patient laughs at everything

she's mad...she has qing-ness
by jem. May 05, 2008
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Verb. To pilfer from one's employer. Origin: abbreviation for the horse racing bet type 'quinella'. Origin location: Lewiston, Maine. A quinella is used to explain the pilfered cash to an inquisitive spouse, while the term 'Q-ing' is used as code by co-workers involved in, or observing, the pilfer.
"That's a lot of cash - have you been Q'ing again? No? Daaaat's TRUE!!!"
by The Frenchman from the Dirty L October 28, 2013
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