142 definitions by Zach G.

Independent Lake Camp.

The most kickass place in the known universe. Exception: The Dungeon.

Run by Dan Gould/Anne Gould/Nigel Watson.
I like to go to ILC!
by Zach G. August 16, 2004
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Short for Independent Lake Camp, in Orson, Pennsylvania. About 550 campers are there each 2 week sesision.
by Zach G. November 15, 2003
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Sealed with a kiss. Used by only the sappiest lovers. A cheap excuse for sex.
by Zach G. October 29, 2003
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Large, floating circle with circular limbs. Has a great wit, is strong, and once got in a knife fight with Coach Z.
Caoch Z
Pom Pom! What is up my main man! My dawg! My ace-in-the-hole!
-Homestar Runner
by Zach G. October 26, 2003
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