142 definitions by Zach G.

Hey, It's Ghost (From WM), I've got A huge account here, and I'd just like to say Sunny The Armadillo is overrated.
He'll never find me here!
by Zach G. January 15, 2004
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A bitchin' town in Central New Jersey. It's not an amazing vacation spot, but it's a nice place to live.
by Zach G. November 11, 2003
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An instrument that chicks think is sexy!!
That is one fine cellist.
by Zach G. November 8, 2003
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A number luckier than 77, but not as lucky as 7777.
Ok, one last try... 7,7,7!!!
Woo! I won the jackpot!!!!!!!!!!
by Zach G. December 6, 2003
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The number 1# movie in America for both Box Office Gross, product placements, and predictability.
Anyone who watched that movie definitley got served!
by Zach G. February 7, 2004
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A white castle hamburger, found only in 12 states.
Those things are too small to be enjoyed.
by Zach G. January 17, 2004
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