11 definitions by marcata

Can't Be Arsed. Unwilling to expend energy on the task in hand. May be used more generally in reference to the state of mind where nothing at all seems remotely worth doing.
"Yeah, it's due tomorrow morning, but I've got the cba."
by marcata August 10, 2003
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Superior. Admired. A cut above. Possessed of the qualities envied by one's peers. Most often encountered when one guest on Jerry Springer feels another to have too high an opinion of themselves.
by marcata August 14, 2003
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Term used to dismiss the opinions of those who envy your success or who don't share your tastes. Used by fans of e.g. Lil Fizz...
"Mine(Kyara Fredric"s) so haters back off he is my man. A light chocalate fantasy and so bootilicious! While yall girls waitin 4 him 2 take off his shirt i see it "access grantly"!!!!!!!!!!!!1"

"Access grantly?"
by marcata August 13, 2003
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People who think you are a moron. Using this term will do little to dissuade them.

Alternate spelling of haters, and used almost exclusively by girls in their early teens to defend pop act of the week. Exhibit A:

"a beautiful,talent full woman who stupid ass females tend to hate on coz she got the ability toget a man and they aint

i love ashanti she's great i wish stupid ass haterz like the other defenition writerz wouldn't hate on her pretty ass"
by marcata August 10, 2003
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1. Vomiting, or being within seconds of doing so.

2. Of a place, uncomfortably busy.
"The dancefloor was heaving, but some guy started heaving and a space opened up."
by marcata August 13, 2003
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To become enraged; to lose one's temper, clothing and power of coherent speech before embarking on a spree of violence and wanton destruction. After the comicbook character who turned from an unregarded geek into a thundering green mass of unstoppable fury.
"It all happened so fast... the Broncos ran in their fifth touchdown and he just Hulked out. I hope he's going to pay for a new TV. And window."
by marcata August 14, 2003
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The noise made by a thunderbolt or when Thor strikes an object with his hammer. Used by comicbook geeks to illustrate a description of a dramatic event, especially an outburst of parental rage.
"Dude, Julie's mom just found her stash. It was, like, krak-a-thoom."
by marcata August 12, 2003
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