Ebonic form of the word "ask".
I was finna ax you a question.
by TimmyT June 10, 2003
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How people who speak ebonics (black people) say "ask".
Did chu ax him fo' tha smoke?
by Hizzo April 11, 2003
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Guy1: Dude you about ready to practice?

Guy2: Yeh man, let me grab my ax.
by Aidyn April 16, 2005
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(verb) to ask.
Get over here foo and lemme ax you a question.
by Fangsta April 29, 2003
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Variation: Axe
1. (n.) A sharp wood cutting tool mainly used for beheading zombies during an outbreak.

2. (v.) To can, fire, or vote off the island.

3. (v.) Slang for ask.
1. Holy shit! Zombies! Grab my ax!

2. Bob got the ax today for flashing his bosses wife.

3. Hey, can I ax you a question?
by Fred Senaj August 31, 2009
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How the word "ask" is pronounced in the year 3000.
Fry: "You know, this'll be my first X-Mas away from home."
Leela-: "Hey hey, let me ax you something. Would it cheer you up if we went and cut down an X-Mas tree?"
by MontgomeryGator February 2, 2007
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In the world of Jazz, this would be your instrument of choice.
1)Armstrong could make a man's hair fall out just by picking up his ax.

2)Bird sold his ax for dope again.
by simsjim November 10, 2004
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