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1. The Epic Soldiers stationed at Camp Casey, Korea, with legendary drinking tolerances that teeter in the balance of life and death at the hands of "Soju"

2. War Cry usually shouted just before and during fights on the streets of Dongducheon.

3. A Toast by those who've been Manchu.
Have you heard? Those Manchus are pulling stairwell guard again for that huge fight down in the the Ville.

Tanker: Yeah, well who the fuck you with?
Infantryman: I'm with 2/9, MANCHU!!!!!!!!

Lauer: What are we drinking to?
Strode: The same as always...
Both: MANCHU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by TwoNine4Life August 23, 2009
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To be fist driven up the ass (or thrown under the bus) by one's own unit, specifically by your own leadership for no real, logical or worthwhile reason other then to make somebody look good.
Hey SGT, just so you know, you have to do a full inventory of the go to war ammunition tonight, and Battalion does not care if it's your Friday night... Maaaanchu...

LT, why are there soldiers in their soft caps outside? It's only -15 outside today. What kind of fucking platoon do you run?! Keep up the fire!

Hey guess what, you get to go sit out on an OP today for 15 hours, in January, for no real reason. Oh and that heater in your Bradley, we never fixed that like we were supposed to. Manchu!
by Manchu! May 06, 2013
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Chinese bad guy that bust in your house while saying "WUZ UP!"
Hmm....right....but still must kill the Manchus!!
by Sven the Bear August 06, 2007
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