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Drooping involves two of the greatest activities known to mankind: being drunk and pooping. An ideal droop involves being belligerently drunk and taking a massive shit. Drooping most often consists of drinking a beer over the course of a nice shit. Drooping is perfected when one is able to droop with a fellow bro(s). This often leads to a discussion of which slam piece you will take to poundtown later in the night, and all while being drunk and taking a shit.
Bro #1: Wanna go shotgun a natty and take a shit?
Bro #2: Are you drooping?!?!? Fuck yeah, dude!
slightly later in the bathroom...
Bro #1: How hot was the girl I hooked up with last night?
Bro #2: Ugly as fuck... You were blackout
by Jdoggay April 27, 2012
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A drunk hook-up in a public place, entailing awkward slumping as the participants attempt to remain upright while passionately groping one another.
"After looking for them in the bar for 20 minutes, we found Tim and Faith outside the restrooms drooping."
by Mister Paolo July 21, 2018
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