One who plays the sport of Football (Association Football).
Hey, have you seen that new kid from England?

No, but i hear he is quite the Footballer.
by Ray Finkle August 9, 2006
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Poorly educated loutish individual, who is often challenged by words containing over two syllables. This being, despite regular insults rarely takes a substantial blow to its self esteem due to its truly gargantuan ego, which shields it from the harsh reality of its own shortcomings. Unfortunately however, the aforementioned fails to cover so much as half of the individual's problems; you may at this point be thinking that a word such as "cunt" would fit the bill, however despite the fact that a footballer fulfills all aspects of this obscenity, the obscenity fails to encapsulate all aspects of the object it is intended to describe. Thus, to conclude I shall simply say that these dismal beings which burden society tend to have the charisma of John Prescott, the aesthetic merit of a frost-bitten genital and the compassion and respect for others of Chairman Mao, a definition which should help you to avoid them.
This word can rarely be used oratorically because the object at which it is aimed tends to be making a considerably louder, yet truly unfathomable noise, however if you are fortunate enough to be far from its immediate surrounding an example may be, "behold, this footballer has taken a fairly limp wristed impact on the shin, and yet he is now falling in a manner of sub-human dignity to the ground, many feet from the point of contact!"
by creed101 May 9, 2011
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verb, 'to football'.

Instead of spitting on a lover's anal entrance to provide natural lubrication, a footballer is putting one finger on one's nose to block one nostril whilst violently blowing through the other nostril thus using nasal mucus instead.

noun, 'Footballer'

The completed act of footballing.
I needed to ram my cock up her Gary and happened to have a touch of swine 'flu so I footballed her and then slid in with relative ease.

I did a footballer to ease the process of exploring her poo cave.
by ganton July 11, 2009
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Basically the footballer is the kid in school who plays football non-stop, wears his full uniform everywhere he goes (cleats included), but is for the most part a nice kid, gets along with everybody and is actually very intelligent once you get to know him. And yes, if he does have to wear other clothing it will be some basketball shorts, a t-shirt and some $100+ Nike Shox that he bought five years ago when he was still only wearing a size 15.
"He's trackin' mud all over our haulways with those dirty football cleats! Are those even allowed here?"
"It's ok, he's cool. He's a footballer."
by breaker1 January 31, 2012
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- Dude, did you see footballer saturday??
- I knoww he's so hot!
by dani california <3 January 17, 2009
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A person who plays the sport futbol(soccer) and has mad skills. They generally live in Europe where their lives revolve around the sport.This player is generally hurt because they have so much skill that they embarrass opponents and makes them mad. If you are a footballer in the USA you are generally discriminated against and will go absolutely no where even with all your talent.
Player#1- Wow! We are getting killed!

Player#2- Yeah we are! It is because of that fricken footballer over there!

Player#1- Someone has to hurt him if we want to win.

EX#2: Eduardo Da Silva= Footballer= Ankle popped out of leg because he owned someone.
by The Trizzuth May 19, 2009
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The Presidential briefcase that contains launch codes to launch nuclear missiles. It travels with him anywhere he goes allowing him to start a nuclear war from anywhere at anytime.
The President can launch a nuclear missile from anywhere using "The Football"
by Mistahtom January 13, 2006
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