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A police helicopter.

Derived from:
Police = Pigs = Pork
Helicopter = Chopper = Chop
"A pork chop is chasing an '67 Impala on the 405."
by Mistahtom July 28, 2005
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Its when a woman puts her legs behind her head and the man cracks an egg in a bowl with chopped up ham and chives and cheese, mixes it up and pours it into her ass. Then she squats over a hot griddle and shits the mix onto the griddle. The man cooks the mixture and eats it.
Dick and Jane made a Portuguese Omlet
by Mistahtom September 02, 2005
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A nick-name for the booty call that visited you last night.
Bryan: How was your Friday night?
Tom: The Pussy Fairy visited me.
Bryan: Nice.
by Mistahtom January 15, 2006
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Azn parody of rly but it gets messed up when Engrish speaking people try to say it.
Hay Kim, are you ronery?
Yah I rry am.
by Mistahtom November 02, 2005
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Stan: I'm gonna go to the bathroom

Roger: Go give him a kiss while he's fartin' one out. Go give him a San Diego Thank You.
by Mistahtom April 18, 2010
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Dictionary.com defines it as:

The process of analysing an existing
system to identify its components and their interrelationships
and create representations of the system in another form or at
a higher level of abstraction. Reverse engineering is usually
undertaken in order to redesign the system for better
maintainability or to produce a copy of a system without
access to the design from which it was originally produced
Bill Gates reverse engineered the Macintosh 1986 OS to create windows '95. < that is an example of reverse engineering
by Mistahtom April 19, 2006
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Original definition
(1) To be without clothing

Slang definition
(2) When you have all things of value taken from you in a hold up.
(1) I like to see girls naked

(2) Robber - Get naked foo'
Robbee - Ok, ok just don't call me a Racist
by Mistahtom November 06, 2005
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