Nipples - Nice perky nipples on a females breast
"She had nipples like screw in cleats"
by C-Hip October 24, 2007
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ugly, very ugly; meant to symbolize "no cleats on the hard wood(boner)"
THat trick was super cleats, I'd never hit that, even with a brown paper bag.
by marcs November 21, 2006
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To get stabbed/slashed/kicked, or in any other way harmed by someone's cleat.
Joe got cleated in soccer and it left an ugly bruise.
by Rachael C. November 30, 2006
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The act of eating so clean that even the extra vowels and consonants have been shredded from existence.
Man, he's been cleating for months now, he must really want to get shredded for Stereo.
by Stayfresh January 11, 2015
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the studs that make the difference between a tennis shoe and cleat
I cant wear these cleats to school it'll wear out the cleatness
by Icantthinkofandorginalname October 24, 2006
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A wasted cliterus, belonging to decent lass, but has sealed over from lack of use, in effect becoming hermetically sealed.
Myra's some bird, its a shame her cleat has become hermetically sealed, you'd need a chisel and a blow torch to get your jollies with her now.
by MasterBOB425texas May 25, 2010
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A portmanteau describing CLoned mEAT
Susan: "Eck! This steak tastes like cleat! Where did you get it?"
Albert: "I brought it home from the lab."
Susan: "I knew it!"
by the_chemist January 19, 2008
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