Basically the footballer is the kid in school who plays football non-stop, wears his full uniform everywhere he goes (cleats included), but is for the most part a nice kid, gets along with everybody and is actually very intelligent once you get to know him. And yes, if he does have to wear other clothing it will be some basketball shorts, a t-shirt and some $100+ Nike Shox that he bought five years ago when he was still only wearing a size 15.
"He's trackin' mud all over our haulways with those dirty football cleats! Are those even allowed here?"
"It's ok, he's cool. He's a footballer."
by breaker1 January 30, 2012
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A person who plays the sport futbol(soccer) and has mad skills. They generally live in Europe where their lives revolve around the sport.This player is generally hurt because they have so much skill that they embarrass opponents and makes them mad. If you are a footballer in the USA you are generally discriminated against and will go absolutely no where even with all your talent.
Player#1- Wow! We are getting killed!

Player#2- Yeah we are! It is because of that fricken footballer over there!

Player#1- Someone has to hurt him if we want to win.

EX#2: Eduardo Da Silva= Footballer= Ankle popped out of leg because he owned someone.
by The Trizzuth May 19, 2009
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Stereotypical high-school football player- huge, uncoordinated, toneless muscles, heavy drinker, hosts lots of parties which are so boring that everyone has to drink heavily to amuse themselves, usually has poor grades.
Guy: Our school has a lot of football players, but only a few of them are real Footballers.


Typical Preppy Ho' Girl: OMG those footballers are soo hott! I'm going to a party this weekend. It's been like a whole week since I was drunk!
by Louis K May 29, 2005
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