An individual that is so useless, so stupid, and so heinous that they are below the human race.
Man that fucker coach d is sub-human!
by douchetwat April 28, 2004
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emo, and all who cling to its destructive nature.
I've been studying a class of sub-human species called "emos" that seem to proliferate extensively despite the fact that the race itself is bent on its long, dragged out, pitiful demise. It seems that these parasitic organisms persist with an insatiable desire to lure more and more humans into their realm of inexplicable, self-inflicted misery, contributing to the ever expanding, cancerous growth that is emo.

These creature's origins have been well researched and documented by the website of their origin: myspace. Thus, it may be henceforth noted that the creature "emo" was created by myspace for the sole purpose of extensive monetary profit, as the creatures assimilate themselves with their sorrowful, repetitive oscillations, deadening their minds to a practical reality that exists outside of their corporate-authored trap of emotional "understanding."

Simply put, the sub-human special group "emo" is simply a socially-acceptable goth, reinvented by the music business machine by vessels such as myspace and emotional instability.

Those who have fallen into such a pit as the emos have lack the maturity and practicality to be cognisant of the ridiculous state they insist to remain in, spiraling deeper and deeper into emotional dept.

Which is why it's so much fun to so unmercifully give them crap for being what they are.


by hector peterson, baby December 17, 2006
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An individual who prepares the sandwiches in places such as subway or quiznos. This definition is somewhat derogatory but reflects the lowly status of this 'occupation'.
The sub-human screwed up by putting in red onion when I specifically asked for none.........again!
by Ryd June 25, 2006
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1: Jon Alvarez
2: see 1
3: see 1
4: see 1
5: see 1
6: see 1
7: see 1
8: etc...
Hey there goes the sub-human right now, what a jackass.
by Big Brad the Dad August 25, 2004
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People who lack moral agency and have a career based on breaking the Non Agression Principle.
Politicians are sub human animals.
by 1973memes with helicopters January 7, 2020
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A Sub-Human is someone who unironically uses “no❤️“
Person:Valid Arguement™️

Brain-dead Sub-Human: no❤️
by Coomaloomadooma September 20, 2020
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Someone who has an attractiveness rating of less than 5/10.
Sometimes the term subanimal is used for those below 3/10.
Man look at this guy's recessed chin, what a sub-human!
by Maryoussef August 12, 2022
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