Nike's premier footwear as of current times. More suited to the heavier runner. Origianally, there were "springs" under the heel to provide a cushion. The current generation of shox has springs at the front-sides in addition to the heel springs.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 2, 2004
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A bad brand of nike sneakers often geared for heavier people who are not athletes of any sort. These sneakers are always 100+ dollars They will use these shoes to walk the mall or walk around school. They are said to bounce but thats bull talk. Real athletes that train 4-20 hours a week simply do not use nike shoxs. They use higher quality equipment such as Asic and New Balances. Nike Shoxs are just hunks of plastic that look good but are not good for you in any way or form. They are also twice as heavy as some decent running shoes.
Track Athlete just finishes an interval workout: ahh what a nice workout, these Asics Speedstars are light
Rich Kid who can't run: those shoes look like crap, there not even shiny. My Nike Shoxs are so much better, I got them for 170 dollars.
Track Athlete: Your shoxs have no use, they don't have cushioning and also they weight like 18 ounces. Shoxs are the worst shoes that are sold anywhere.
by bcyyo December 16, 2006
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The most ugly looking trainers ever. They have springy things on the bottom.
My cousin has Nike Shox and they are NOT bouncy.
by Glittery Goddess June 23, 2004
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Some baller shoes, son. Also, a side note to a previous definer-- Nike bought out Converse awhile back, so youre alternative shoe is actually under the same parent company. Small world, huh?.
Yo man, these Nike Shox is baller! And they make your dookie twinkle!
by ScottyBizzle August 21, 2006
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1. Overpriced footwear intended for college- semi-pro- and pro-athletes, often considered controversial due to sweat-shop allegations. Rich people tend to buy these shoes. For a stylish and fashionable alternative, see Converse.
My runner friend has a pair of Nike Shox that cost over $100. I paid FORTY for mine. And mine look COOLER.
by Kix May 4, 2004
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nike shox are ugly and worn by chavs nike's worst trainer of all time but all is forgiven because of nike sb the best skate shoes ever
chav1 errrrrrrr av just got some nike shox

chavet errrrrrrrr ther proper smart can a suck your dick

chav2 errrrrrrr give us dem shox or il bang ya

chav1 ok plese dont hert me im realy midle class im just pretending to be a chav have them

chavet errrrrrrr chav2 can a suck ya dick your well hip hop

by skateboard pleb August 16, 2006
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