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A key word used a lot to describe all the weird news stories about random Floridians committing weird and dumb crimes, due to the state law regarding freedom of press about the fact that every police or court case must be public. Most of these weird stories, however, are related to white Florida men, the police and drugs. Due to this, this is why people outside Florida hate Florida. Can also be used as Florida Woman.
- Florida Man lights off fireworks inside Wendy's restaurant
- Florida Man caught watching solar eclipse while stealing car
- Florida Man swings 4ft alligator towards customers
- Florida Man attempts to steal car that isn't working until police arrived
- Florida Woman arrested for pelting brother with chicken nuggets
- Florida Man bites head off hamster
- Florida Man has sex while stealing trailer
- Florida Man attempts to swallow bag of weed while being pulled over by police
- Florida Man banned from beach after allegedly giving sugardaddy business cards to young girls
- Florida Man pissed that AT&T trucks are working outside his house, shoots tires
- Florida Man accidentally kills girlfriend after thinking it was a hog
- Florida Man beats up accused rapist in front of deputies
- Naked Florida Man breaks into neighbor's house to top his burgers with sesame seeds
- Florida Man poops into jewelry parking lot
by i hate sjws August 26, 2017
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The stupidest thing on earth. You dont want to mess with him, as he might attack you with a fried chicken or a catfish. His fuel is Bud Light and methamphetamine. They LOVE playing sports with gators and using fish as baseball bats. Nothing can stop a Florida Man except another Florida Man. Get on his bad side, and he will feed you to his cat Spleens. Nobody is a crazy, random, or stupid as a Florida Man. Only Russians or Australians can match up against them. So dont mess with Florida Man.
Dude: bro did you here about the Florida Man?
Other dude: yeah. Didnt he stab his wife with a squirrel?
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by ThatOneGuyk October 18, 2019
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The worst superhero. Ever. His super powers include smoking bath salts, eating his enemies' faces off, and gunning down black teenagers with a pocket full of Skittles.
by mCRT April 18, 2014
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Some dumbass retard in Florida who probably shat on your lawn while you went to the beach.
Me-Oh fuck. Jimmy's dog shat on my lawn again.

Jimmy-Nah. It was the florida man
by cousinfucker2347632768 April 18, 2019
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A man who Has the capability to do anything (literally anything) like assault his roommate with a pizza
1:“did you see that man naked running on the streets?”
2:“yea, must be Florida man.”
by J R 696969 October 28, 2019
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a man arrested/died for the stupidest reasons like dying by using a vibrator in a bath tub.
person 1: did u hear what happened on the news?
person 2: no what happened?
person 1: it was another Florida Man
by cunt_smasher October 30, 2019
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