A type of man whose behaviour is idiotic but people laugh it off because they are from Florida. This name (Florida Man) is used in countless news articles. So, people made it a meme.
"Florida Man caught drinking beer while watching cornhub"
by ABrightLight October 06, 2020
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A guy who has committed a weird or dumb crime or a guy who is just weird and does weird things
One of my classmates grew up to be a Florida Man
by YuOfTheNight August 19, 2019
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The god to reign supreme above all.
FloridaMan:I am god bow down ,heed my commands and peace and prosperity shall run through the root's of the land
sane humans: yes my lord
by floridaman202069 June 03, 2020
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Florida Man; Noun: The Dumbest Person responsible for the Dumbest acts imaginable.
45 was a real Florida Man.
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by Ulfric Fell February 09, 2021
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A loser who relocated to the Sunshine State and brings all is demented mental state, dramatic issues and loser qualities with him. Then, sometime during his life, he commits an extremely heinous crime which makes national or global news. He may not even still live in Florida, but he did. Thus...Florida Man!
The Florida Man, who allegedly blew up the office building , was born and raised in Texas before his move to Florida.
by BigMick1956 January 26, 2016
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Florida Man is an elusive entity that only comes out at 1:00 am it's usually seen at gas stations or at playgrounds this entity can be very hostile don't drink monster energy near this entity it can smell it from miles away,don't shine your flashlight at it it hates anything to do with light,Don't drink any sort of alcohol if it gets ahold of alcohol Florida Man will evolve into it's final form. How can you tell if it's a Florida Man? The first sign that you encountered a Florida Man is the smell if you smell,if it smells like sweaty moster energy with a hint of pee then it might be a Florida Man. The second sign is that time and space seems like it has stopped. If you have one of these signs it's not to late run as fast as you can.The third sign is reality is starting to shift objects just start appearing out of nowhere.The last sign is Florida Man itself it's usually floating in the air ong stained anime body pillows if you're seeing this it's too late to turn back,You're one of us now.
Kyle:Is that a Florida Man?
Karen:Omg it is!!!
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by aRandomNoob7 November 15, 2020
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