Gaming analogy.

When someone's (usually a girlfriend's) anger is at it's crisis mode. They've shed their first and second stage attacks and phased into their highest level of fury. Nearly impossible to defeat, this screaming, rage-fueled bitch-monster will stop at nothing to ruin you.

Tread lightly. Her HP is at an all time high, so choose your weapons carefully:
Apologies, candies, and compliments often have a reverse effect and are weaker against a Final Form rage monster.
Man, she's scary enough when she's just mad, but last night that bitch went into her Final Form.
by Dakotaorian February 20, 2014
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The last and most final form of the dog, usually comes in the appearance of Gabe the Dog, with barking and yapping in a similiar aspect. Very rare to happen, but it requires a lot of time.
That dog is transforming.... into the fabled Final Form Doggo!!!
by sirdraxTM November 29, 2016
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When a internet spammer or a annoying person in real life dosent stop and is not done with annoying you/ spamming and is ready to go the extreme god damn level
Jim: you suck at Black ops, you do t know how to play

Jack: stop, leave me alone

Jim: this is not my final form
by Woodslasher_oof November 18, 2017
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