1. Illiterate spelling of a hold.

2. Broken keyboard spelling of a hold.
1. liek i knt gt ahold o sum krak1!1111!111

2. Ican'tgetaholdofanewkeyboard.
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This is an American expression which can be used in a number of ways:
1 To obtain an item, by purchase, borrowing or other means;
2 To initiate contact or communicate with a person or persons or an organisation;
3 To understand or appreciate an idea, concept or theory;

The British use the expression get hold of in a similar way.
1 “Can you get ahold of any 2 inch 10 brass screws?”
2 “That cunt Malcolm’s gone off somewhere, I can’t get ahold of him.”
3 “His ideas are so abstruse they’re difficult to get ahold of.”
by AKACroatalin November 29, 2016
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