a great game turned shit by big corprate a-holes
yo whats ur lvl in GTA V
thats impasible i play thes game ereyday
by FrozenNipplesInAJar September 21, 2017
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The Greatest Game of All Time. It's the next GTA game dropping. Awesome. Trainer was released on 2.11.11. It is based in San Andreas. (look closely, all the plate numbers have San Andreas on them).

Greatness. I'm definitely buying GTA V midnight.
Mob : I'm definitely getting GTA V 2 seconds after release.

Birdman : Fo sure, my nigga, I'm copping a million of those like I did for Weezy's album. Belleeeeve dat, plehbwoi!
by mobinga November 2, 2011
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The Game Horny Kids Play For The Strip Club
Dan : Hey Wanna Play Outside ?
Dave : Sorry Im Playing GTA V
Dan : What Are You Doing In GTA V ?
*Stripper Sounds*
by McDonalds Kept Me Healthy October 7, 2018
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A online game, with young virgins who stay at home and try do money glitches. Players have never been out in the sun, or interacted with nobody except from their "friends" on Xbox / PlayStation. Many scum YouTubers' use clickbait so they can get views and get paid by making fake videos like, "I GOT GTA 6!!!" "What happens when you kill Trevor, where is his grave!?" *RED ARROW* ETC ETC ETC!
Sernandoe: "Man, I need views, lets go make some click bait GTA V video!" Jimmy: "Yeah dude, already done that but check my money and cars!"
by Bobby Slaitor March 25, 2018
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A great game that has been great since its 2013 release. People hate on online because of the player base and the fact that they keep getting killed by people who have played the game way longer and have earned the right to kill them with a futuristic flying bike.
James: Yo I'm playing GTA V, wanna join?

Jeff: Yeah let's do a heist.
by Ch3rry_Sn0w May 4, 2021
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GTA V is a game gone to shit by all these killing losers
add me on Gta v : ETP445 is back
by Treyten Has Big Wap69 October 8, 2020
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Synonym for 9-5 job simulator for children. Gta V has a great story mode, but too bad Rockstar (the devs) don’t give a shit about their master piece, and constantly suck off their spoiled kid, GTA Online, by giving it DLCs like The Doomsday heist, Gunrunners, Finance & Felony, and at first glance, this would SEEM fine. It would be fine if Cockstar didn’t add 5,000,000 dollar flying motorcycles and 8,000,000 dollar “super” Yachts that are the equivalent of a used condom in the sea, and sold them with their new content. What makes this so bad? Well, it’s because everything is so fucking expensive to the point the game offers you 8,000,000 in game money, in exchange for 100 dollars. The player base is also full of dickfaces who play just to annoy actual players who wish to play the game in peace, tryhards who will murder everyone they see to boost up their K.D ratio via a fucking orbital strike, modders who ruin everyone else’s fun by getting them banned and flying fucking star ships, and toxic assholes who love booting two year olds offline because they looked at them the wrong way. It always seems like there’s a glitch somewhere in this game. Today there’s a blue hell glitch, and tomorrow there’s a new money glitch.

This games is pure dogshit.
Gta V
Holy shit there’s a flying motorbike shooting at me!
by Fagimus March 19, 2021
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