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A term used to describe all the far-left policies that California has ever created in the country. Their policies may be more radical than in Canada, but it'll once be more liberal than in Europe overall. People wished that it actually becomes independent, but the people inside this state will keep voting against Calexit to stay in America to run over the economy. And this is why right wingers in California want to create the state of Jefferson.
Left-winger: Come to California. They say it's all cool down there
Right-winger: Fuck no. I don't want to come to Commiefornia. I don't want to get harrassed by Feminazis and SJWs. Plus I don't have any gun rights to scare them away
by i hate sjws February 5, 2018
An insulting term for the city of Chicago and its mayor Rahm Emanuel to describe the numerous shooting sprees that happen across the city, especially in the South Side and the West Side. Originates from heyjackass.com, a website that displays all statistics about crime in Chicago, especially gun-related incidents, in a way to criticize the people who run the municipal administration of the city for such strict gun laws
Man not from Chicago #1: Man, it's a damn Shoot-O-Rahm-A in this nasty-ass city!!!
Man not from Chicago #2: At least it's not like St. Louis, Detroit or Memphis
Man not from Chicago #1: What's the difference asshole??? It's still a shithole, and you better not move there!!!!
by i hate sjws October 17, 2018
A derogatory term for Baltimore. Due to its high murder rate, it came to a point when morgues can no longer clean and store the dead bodies they recieve every year
Non-nigger #1: So the riots just happened, then what????
Non-nigger #2: That's Baltimorgue, no need to say "what?". Niggers ran that city for decades
by i hate sjws October 17, 2018
Commonly called: "The worst show on the internet". Hosted by Filthy Frank which the scenario is based out of irrelevant nature, which most of it happens indoors. Filthy Frank also claimed that this show will give you suicidal thoughts
Fan: Thanks Papa Franku. The Filthy Frank Show made me feel a lot better
by i hate sjws June 4, 2017
A scream/quote that Pink Guy will often scream when coming inside a hamburger joint. These hamburger joints can be these:
- McDonald's
- Burger King
- Wendy's
- Whataburger
- Carl's Jr
- Dairy Queen
- Hooters
- Burger Town
McDonald's employee : What the fuck????
by i hate sjws June 4, 2017
Typically what the rest of Canada calls a person from Toronto. Strongly attributed to the hostility of Canadians towards this city due to many factors:
- Center of Canada/Universe mentality
- Bland city
- Most corporates and businesses, either Canadian or foreign, are established there
- The capital city of Ontario, which the province alone has a third of the Canadian population, being 13 million
- The metro area contains about six million people, roughly a sixth of the Canadian population
- Worst car traffic in the Western world
- The Golden Horseshoe, the name attributed to the region where Toronto is located, contains 9 million people, roughly a quarter of the Canadian population
- A magnet for immigrants, millenials and hipsters, basically making it less and less Canadian

But of course saying this is offensive to a Torontonian because of the "Center of Canada/Universe" mentality
Man #1: Man, Torontards are ruining this fucking city, and so with this wonderful country!!!!
Man #2: At least Torontwat is better than Detoilet and Shitcongo
by i hate sjws July 26, 2018
An everyday insult/friendly call to someone everywhere that is not Canada or America (unless if you're in Quebec). Most appropriate in Britain as an insult while most appropriate in Australia (sometimes also in New Zealand) as a friendly call. In Australia, due to the use of such word, the word "mate" now is an insult
Sick Cunt 1: Waddup cunt?
Sick Cunt 2: I'm all fine mate

British Bloke: Ay cunt, how ya doing?
North American Feminist: I'm calling the police
British Bloke: Ya fucking racist mate

British lad 1: Fite me faggot
British lad 2: Piss off cunt
by i hate sjws August 17, 2018