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A kid (usually between 7-30) who gave up on school and decides to adopt the typical gangster life in the British Isles (more accurately in England, but these can also be found in Wales, Scotland and Ireland). Like Gopniks from Russia and the Slavic world, they're usually found in Adidas tracksuits and white shoes, but they're sometimes found with North Face tops (or variants of these coats) along with a beanie on their head. Like their Slavic counterparts, which they usually live in blocs (blocs being apartment buildings built during the Communist era), they live in similar buildings across the UK. Other than these low-quality skyscrapers (like the Grenfell Tower, the one that burned down from the fourth floor), they are also found around fast food joints, back alleyways and supermarkets, especially Tesco. These people also have a unique style of music (generally being MC) and their own street vocabulary.

If these roadmen are under 18, most of them would actually just be wannabes born from parents who genuinely pay for a living, like the ones across North America which they are usually white kids thinking that they are 100% black and want to live in environments such as NY, LA and such. A notorious event of these kids would be the death of a Polish man by a group of teenagers because he spoke Polish.
Roadman 1: Ya want sum weed mate??
Roadman 2: Ah sure why not??? I'm getting innit cuz!!
Local: Oi you fucking cunts don't stay around my fucking house ya little skunks!!!
Roadman 1: Oi bruv if you keep shouting loud I'll shank ur nan you fucking bellend!!
Local: Okay then. (pulls out shotgun) What's your names??? I wanna call ya mums!!
Roadmen: *run away like pussies* Oh shit shit shit better not put us in trouble
by i hate sjws March 09, 2018
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A Japanese character appearing in the Filthy Frank Show, which appears to be Filthy Frank's only human friend living inside his apartment. He speaks very fluent Japanese but with innaccurate English subtitles appearing on screen. Filthy Frank sometimes calls him an asshole
For example in "WEEABOOS" :
Safari Man : (speaks in Japanese)
Translation : I love pussy
English Subtitles: We have to run
by i hate sjws June 04, 2017
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A scream/quote that Pink Guy will often scream when coming inside a hamburger joint. These hamburger joints can be these:
- McDonald's
- Burger King
- Wendy's
- Whataburger
- Carl's Jr
- Dairy Queen
- Hooters
- Burger Town
McDonald's employee : What the fuck????
by i hate sjws June 04, 2017
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Commonly called: "The worst show on the internet". Hosted by Filthy Frank which the scenario is based out of irrelevant nature, which most of it happens indoors. Filthy Frank also claimed that this show will give you suicidal thoughts
Fan: Thanks Papa Franku. The Filthy Frank Show made me feel a lot better
by i hate sjws June 04, 2017
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A key word used a lot to describe all the weird news stories about random Floridians committing weird and dumb crimes, due to the state law regarding freedom of press about the fact that every police or court case must be public. Most of these weird stories, however, are related to white Florida men, the police and drugs. Due to this, this is why people outside Florida hate Florida. Can also be used as Florida Woman.
- Florida Man lights off fireworks inside Wendy's restaurant
- Florida Man caught watching solar eclipse while stealing car
- Florida Man swings 4ft alligator towards customers
- Florida Man attempts to steal car that isn't working until police arrived
- Florida Woman arrested for pelting brother with chicken nuggets
- Florida Man bites head off hamster
- Florida Man has sex while stealing trailer
- Florida Man attempts to swallow bag of weed while being pulled over by police
- Florida Man banned from beach after allegedly giving sugardaddy business cards to young girls
- Florida Man pissed that AT&T trucks are working outside his house, shoots tires
- Florida Man accidentally kills girlfriend after thinking it was a hog
- Florida Man beats up accused rapist in front of deputies
- Naked Florida Man breaks into neighbor's house to top his burgers with sesame seeds
- Florida Man poops into jewelry parking lot
by i hate sjws August 24, 2017
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The female version of Florida Man. At least she doesn't do many dumb outrageous crimes but still, this is Florida
- Florida Woman arrested after pelting brother with chicken nuggets
- Florida Woman who doesn't speak Spanish sues for discrimination after she's denied job as a Spanish teacher
- Florida Woman fights to keep her pet alligator who wears clothes and "rides" ATVs.
- Florida Woman drives dead daughter to West Virginia
- Florida Woman beats up racist pregnant woman in hotel lobby
by i hate sjws September 02, 2017
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A term used to describe all the far-left policies that California has ever created in the country. Their policies may be more radical than in Canada, but it'll once be more liberal than in Europe overall. People wished that it actually becomes independent, but the people inside this state will keep voting against Calexit to stay in America to run over the economy. And this is why right wingers in California want to create the state of Jefferson.
Left-winger: Come to California. They say it's all cool down there
Right-winger: Fuck no. I don't want to come to Commiefornia. I don't want to get harrassed by Feminazis and SJWs. Plus I don't have any gun rights to scare them away
by i hate sjws February 05, 2018
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