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From the song “Hotel California”. A phrase that means “since a long time ago”. If someone says “Wow I haven’t done that since 1969” that means they haven’t done that thing in a long time
I haven’t had a root beer float since 1969.
by YuOfTheNight August 2, 2019
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Any kind of rough treatment. For example, shaking a baby
This guy gave me a wedgie so I gave him the Death Metal Treatment in return.
by YuOfTheNight December 8, 2019
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Shoes that make squeaky sounds when you walk with them on
When my shoes started squeaking that’s how I knew they were Spongebob shoes.
by YuOfTheNight November 5, 2019
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If someone is family friendly, then keep themselves from having sex before marriage hence the phrase “family friendly”
My friends girlfriend seemed very family friendly. She wasn’t family friendly at all and I know this because I heard that she had sex with my friend and my friend and his girlfriend aren’t even married to each other.
by YuOfTheNight April 4, 2020
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An extremely inflexible person. Like someone who won’t trade food and eats the same kind of breakfast or lunch nearly every day and won’t change it
Man our history teacher is such a Reich. He doesn’t accept late work no matter the reason.
by YuOfTheNight September 1, 2023
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