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The stupidest thing on earth. You dont want to mess with him, as he might attack you with a fried chicken or a catfish. His fuel is Bud Light and methamphetamine. They LOVE playing sports with gators and using fish as baseball bats. Nothing can stop a Florida Man except another Florida Man. Get on his bad side, and he will feed you to his cat Spleens. Nobody is a crazy, random, or stupid as a Florida Man. Only Russians or Australians can match up against them. So dont mess with Florida Man.
Dude: bro did you here about the Florida Man?
Other dude: yeah. Didnt he stab his wife with a squirrel?
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by ThatOneGuyk October 18, 2019

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PornHub is the bond between humanity. It's what keeps this world from collapsing. But when it goes down, all hell breaks loose. It is a site where you watch people have sex. Tbh it is the greatest thing ever invited by man.
13 year old1: bro you got PornHub premium?
13 year old2: yeah bro. Now watch better porn.
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by ThatOneGuyk June 19, 2019

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An annoying piece of crap that will eat any man's soul just to say they are right and men are wrong.
Bob: that girl is really annoying, saying stupid things about rights and how men are wrong.
Bill: she's probably a feminist.
by ThatOneGuyk April 30, 2019

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That one bitch that always asks for the manager. Her hair is usually shoulder height and is blonde or brunette. Most Karens are anti vax moms and their kids will most likely die at the age of 4. She also likes to take the kids and the cheesecake.
Random guy: she is such a Karen
by ThatOneGuyk May 06, 2019

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Born To Shit, Forced To Wipe
Man fuck society. I was BTSFTW
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by ThatOneGuyk April 30, 2021

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A demon bird that comes out of nowhere and hunts you down until you give it food. Then it shits on you. And then it attacks you for more food
Man: these fucking seagulls need to leave make alone!
by ThatOneGuyk June 22, 2019

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