The sound that one makes from masturbating, jerking off etc. Often repeated as "fap fap fap".
"fap fap fap. AHHHHH this feels good!!!"
by Christobal the Ripper June 26, 2009
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To stroke the penis and make vanilla icecream come out
Stop fapping to hentai you dirty bastard.
by Sinner_ April 30, 2008
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Verb - To "fap" or "fapping".

The act of loudly thumping one's flaccid penis against one's thigh to produce a loud slapping, or "fapping" noise. You can fap against other things, like someone's face or butt cheek, or if you get really good, the back of the hand that you're actually fapping with at the same time. Foreskinless people probably can't generate the same noise.

Also, there is the "Upward Aggressive Fap", which is literally what the name would suggest. Aggressively ping your dick up against your pubic region, causing impressive acoustics, red marks to body and knob, and a painful stinging sensation.
- Hey listen to this sick fap!
- I was doing the Upward Aggressive Fap and now my cock is all red and sensitive.
- Look we're fapping in sync!
- I fapped her cock holster so bad she had a cock holster period.
by WhatYaGonnaDo?! May 12, 2017
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Beating your meat really hard and fast until cum squirts out of your dick.
I was fapping with my dick it was in your moms thicc vagina she squirmed
by DUH IDIOT January 24, 2018
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To engage in the respectable (and pleasurable) act of sitting down and reading a good work of literature.
I can't wait to fap to some Keats!
by HardcoreFapper January 7, 2010
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Fap is the sound when you jack off however it is also when you eat so much that you become twice your original weight
by Fap2 December 8, 2018
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