somebody who’s fat in all the right places
david dobrik is thicc asf
by thotatella August 24, 2018
A word meaning curvy and voluptuous, and especially having large hips in Internet slang.
Sheez thicc yo!
by Word Madman March 22, 2019
pronounced "tick". referring to a usually black female who's curve resemble one of an hour glass plus even more booty than a regular hoe. most often found with a pair of THICC ass thighs
*hood nigga voice* damn dat hoe thicc

"yo anique yo ass is thicc"
"DAUYMM GIRL dats a thicc ass pair of thighs, naw I'm sayin b"
"you could squish some walnuts with an ass dat thicc"
by thiccbitchrivermonster August 31, 2015
when the personality is trash but i can't help but get lost in that ass

Husband : wow honey I sure had a rough day today at work, would you mind lending me your ear for me to vent about my problems?

Wife : shut the fuck up and fuck my face u big pussy

Husband : you lucky u thicc honey
by simpcity101 July 21, 2020
When you catch an eye on a thicc hoe
Dan: look at that girl
Tyrone: ye she a thicc af
by Your nigga tyrone January 16, 2018
A descriptor meant to designate a woman with a shapely figure and is typically somewhat chubby.
They often will have an hourglass or pear shaped body with emphasis on the shape and size of their buttocks and thighs.

Common incorrect or otherwise less popular uses might describe a woman who seems to be a body builder, often having a well toned body with large thighs that may resemble those of a thicc girl and arms mostly made of tough muscle or on the opposite side of things, might describe and obese woman, truly overweight with fat hanging from her neck and back. However do not be fooled. Truly thicc girls are soft, not lean and truly thicc girls are not obese.
Man 1: Yo! Have you heard of Overwatch?
Man 2: Yeah man. Widow is fine, Tracer is A-Okay, but Mei is thicccccccccc, and I can't help but worship da booty.

Man 1: You're a fucking faggot.
Man 2: Least I don't choke it to Zarya.
booty , thighs
by Xisalex May 15, 2016