the act of touching oneself, preferably on your roommates bed. can also be done at mealtimes in the bathroom if one cant wait to get back to the room
after scoring that goal, i decided to start fapping on the field with my teammates
by fapper b November 2, 2010
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Zac was having a fapping good time before he went UGGHHH
by bsn23o July 1, 2009
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There's nothing to do....and I'm all alone......fapping time!!!
by boredlonelyman April 10, 2009
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Stands for fat + napping. Taking a nap after consuming large quantities of food.
1: That Chipotle was delicious, but I am so full. I'm really fixin' for a quick fap.

2: I love fapping after lunch.
by gigologangsta7 November 20, 2009
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the sound one makes when masturbating himself to extascy
damn, im gonna have a fap session rite now with this porn
by SAN JOSE STATE April 28, 2003
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