The sound Spider-Man makes when he's shooting his web all over a criminal.
"Fap fap fap!!!!" "Haha, Dr. Octopus, that's the last time you'll try to use those faggoty limp dick metal protruberances on me, you fat fuck".
by Slick Dick Willie October 22, 2015
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Dude A: "You lazy-ass, while you were taking a nap I was cleaning up the house!"

Dude B: "Oh I wasn't actually asleep, it was a fap, I was fapping."
by NightlifeCommando August 28, 2010
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Beating your meat really hard and fast until cum squirts out of your dick.
I was fapping with my dick it was in your moms thicc vagina she squirmed
by DUH IDIOT January 23, 2018
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Fap, wank, jerk off, pulling your snake all mean masterbate but in different interpretations. Many people do this action watching step sister stuck videos on pornhub or x videos.
Imma go fap
It’s called wank
by Butterfly Warrior July 18, 2020
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To fap is to have to jerk-off afterwards due to not getting your load off during sex. Also used as an insulting term in the modern-tense of “jerk-off”
“Alright babe I’ll just go to the bathroom and fap now since ya wouldn’t let me get a third round”
“Stop honkin your horn ya damn fap addict”

“George! Are you doing your homework in there or are ya fappin away?!
by Stringbean January 08, 2018
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