Masturbating, self pleasure, rubbin' one out, jerk n' squirt.
Hey Vic, how did you fall asleep while fapping?

Hey Vic, how many times a day do you fap?

Vic, you are the queen fapper.
by Scrottie Rot August 31, 2009
Bro I’m finna Fap to some gnarly shit tonight!
by Trijata June 27, 2019
Man, I had the best fap this morning!
by Danger Mouse February 12, 2004
Something that guys who watch Key Of Awesome do with Lauren Francesca comes on the screen.
I was watching Key of Awesome and Lauren Francesca came on the screen. I just needed to fap.
by peepeekl November 3, 2010
The sound that one makes from masturbating, jerking off etc. Often repeated as "fap fap fap".
"fap fap fap. AHHHHH this feels good!!!"
by Christobal the Ripper June 26, 2009
To "fiercely slap" someone who has wronged you or is just being annoying
This better not be a prank bro, I swear I will fap you in the face so hard!
by Keith_not_Kieth May 26, 2015