Fap, wank, jerk off, pulling your snake all mean masterbate but in different interpretations. Many people do this action watching step sister stuck videos on pornhub or x videos.
Imma go fap
It’s called wank
by Butterfly Warrior July 18, 2020
Its when someone holds his dick and starts moving it up and down so it makes a sound like fap fap.
Yesterday I saw my brother fapping in his room.
by alisykes May 23, 2015
Fap means to fuck a penis
F- Fuck
A- A
P- Penis
Boy 1- Yoo boys ima get off
Boy 2- Are you getting off to fap?
Boy 1-.......
Xbox turns off
by daddyyyyfapppp December 1, 2019
Fap is when you are all alone the parents just left the house and you get the feeling in your stomach. You know what's coming, the urge takes over your mind and that's all you want. Time for fap. To grab ones dick in his/its hand and violently try to rip it off.
Keith: Hey Kevin when was the last time you fapped
Kevin: Yesterday Keith
Keith: How was it Kevin?
Kevin: ohhhhhhhhhhhh MAN i busted all kinds, all kinds.
by Burp N Slurp December 28, 2016