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Another way of saying masturabtion
Maybe you've heard of:
Tickling the pickle
Choking the chicken
Jackie the beanstalk
Five knuckle shuffle
Beating the meat
Applying the handbrake
Busting a nut
Having a wank
Jerkin the Gurkan
Choking Charlie till he throws up
Taming the snake
Rubbing the genie's lamp
Checking for testicular cancer {GONE SEXUAL}
Cocking the rifle
"This is my rifle, this is my gun, this is for shooting, and this is for fun!"
Waving the wand
Launching the rocket
Stroking Johnny

These acts are often followed by the clearing of ones browser history.
Hey mate, I think my parents heard me having a fap...
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The onomatopoeic representation of masturbation. Often used to suggest that something is attractive.
Did you see those Natalie Portman pics? *fap fap fap*
by Anonymous L-Value October 11, 2002
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The noise that it makes when you masturbate
Ross says: yo what you do tonight
Smith says: meh i chilled with john and will, you?
Ross says: I think I broke my number of faps in one night
Smith says: wooooow, you have no life
by GymClassCreaper May 08, 2009
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Fixed Action Pattern. Produced by an innate releasing mechanism in response to an external sensory stimulus. A term used in biology.
Sound coming from teenager's room: "FAP, FAP, FAP, FAP" parents: "Little Tim's fascination with memorizing his biology is so commendable! Maybe we can help him."
by Canadianbiofreak March 11, 2014
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The sound that it makes when your balls hit your hand when masturbating. Or another name for the action of rough masturbating.
I was fapping in the other room when my mom walked in because she heard loud faps.
by Jerry Hsu number 2 October 09, 2007
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