Ethnicity is the term for the culture of peoples in a geographic region.
Ethnicity is being connected by language, heritage, religion, and customs. To be a member of an ethnic group is to conform to some or all of those practices. etc.
Race is genetics and ethnicity is culture.
Race and ethnicity can overlap, but they are distinct.
A Japanese-American would be a member of the Japanese or East Asian race, but, if they don't practice any of the customs of their ancestors, or have no knowledge of the Japanese language they might not identify with the ethnicity, and instead consider themselves to be American.
by Crispy Waffles August 13, 2018
Something that has to force it's way into everything.
Guy1: oh my gosh, that white guy is playing against a bunch of black guys!
Guy2: oh my gosh, the black guy is so white.

Guy3: oh my gosh, who gives a shit what ethnicity they are? Stop stereotyping.
by A-person_yay July 29, 2014
*A member from a particular ethnic group.
*This group tends to be very old and can be traced down from generation to generation, and has a geographical location which is occupied by most of its members.
* Memebers of this group, share the same customs, language, and culture, and belong to one race, and common ancestary, and some tend to be family oriented.
Four people in my history class seem to be from the same ethnic group and have similar traditions.
by slowpoison May 9, 2004
a name white people gave to describe any body who isn't caucasian.
BJ: I like them white chicks boy

Anthonii: Nah man you frontin I juss saw you with a black shawty yesterday

BJ: Nah I aint frontin I likw tha white chicks but tha ethnic girls got that booty.
by MarMars September 21, 2006
A hindrance that keeps peace from becoming a reality.
The only race that matters is the human race.

Ethnicity separates us.
by Snabelj December 6, 2008
Similar to Educated, but a lot more important. A person who is familiar with ethnic terms, where to buy good kebabs, and knows how to recognise a Wog. Schools across the world should introduce this important new subject so that aussies and other non-ethnics can understand the life and world of an fully sik ethnic wog.
Muhammed: Johno uleh, u should chek out the fully sik sound system i installed in my supra the other day, its so chronic bro!
Johno: Uleh? fully sik? chronic? what are you talking about, what does that mean?
Muhammed: Omg.. your so UN-ETHNICATED you stooge!
by Wog 001 February 26, 2008