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a person suffering from a disease called anorexia which is sometimes shortened as ana

an anorexic constantly thinks their fat whether they weight 90 lbs or 140lbs and have a BMI which is very low and unhealty

anorexic suffer from psychological problems and may show symptoms like cooking for others but never eating, restricting etc, and will need to go into recovery or psychological treatments to recover.
My good friend is anorexic and I am trying to get her to get some help befor eit is too late.
by slowpoison May 08, 2004
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*A member from a particular ethnic group.
*This group tends to be very old and can be traced down from generation to generation, and has a geographical location which is occupied by most of its members.
* Memebers of this group, share the same customs, language, and culture, and belong to one race, and common ancestary, and some tend to be family oriented.
Four people in my history class seem to be from the same ethnic group and have similar traditions.
by slowpoison May 08, 2004
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